Oakhurst First Presbyterian Child Development Center accepts children without regard to race, color, creed, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, or marital status of the parents.

Please see the Director for the appropriate forms that must be completed to enroll your child. 

  • Your child’s physician must fill out the health form. Prior to your child’s first day, you must complete and return all appropriate forms and pay the registration fee and the first week’s tuition.
  • Please be sure to list any allergies on the health form. Health forms must be resubmitted every two years with the most recent health assessment and immunization forms. 
  • Parents are encouraged to visit the center, take a tour of the facilities, meet classroom teachers, and observe the daily routines of the classroom in which they are interested prior to enrollment. 
  • If a parent decides to enroll their child, a one-time registration fee of $30.00 per family will be assessed. 
  • The director will determine the date at which the children may start, which is dependent upon current enrollment.


Children With Special Needs

We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all of our children. If your child has special needs, please let us know when enrolling. We will work with you to ensure our center can adequately meet his/her needs. 


Withdrawing Your Child

If you find it necessary to withdraw your child from the center, all fees will continue to be charged until the following procedures have been completed:

  1. Notify the Director of the decision to withdraw your child, giving a minimum of two weeks' notice.
  2. All charges will continue for two weeks after proper notice is given to the Director, even if your child is no longer attending.
  3. Withdrawal notice should be submitted to the Director in writing.

Once a child has withdrawn, a new registration fee must be paid if they re-enroll in the center in the future.

If a parent is asked to withdraw their child from the center, the child may remain at the center for one (1) week to provide the parent time to make alternative child care arrangements.