An enrollment fee of $35.00 per family is due upon registration to reserve a place for your child(ren).

  • Payment of fees is due on Monday for the present week. Charges are considered delinquent if not received by 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. A $10.00 late charge will be added to all charges for any payment received after 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Services may be suspended or terminated if an account becomes overdue.
  • Payment for the week is due even if your child(ren) is not in attendance. 
  • Rates are set on a standard weekly charge or daily charge for drop-in students (prior arrangements must be made with the Director for drop-in students). Credit is not given for holidays, emergency closings or early dismissals, illness, or personal vacations.
  • If a child is hospitalized, arrangements may be made to temporarily withdraw the child from the center and allow for re-enrollment at a later date. The child’s enrollment may be held by paying one half of the weekly charge.
  • Checks should be made payable to Oakhurst Child Development Center (Oakhurst CDC).
  • Two weeks' notice will be given before a change in rates is made.
  • Families who have been at the center for one calendar year (twelve consecutive months) are entitled to one vacation week with no charge. Please let the Director know in writing at least two weeks in advance. Credit cannot be extended after a vacation is taken if proper notice is not given.

Weekly Fees





Two year olds (not potty trained)


 Two year olds (potty trained)


 Three year olds

  Pre-K (during KCS Mon.-Thurs.)  $ 110
  Pre-K (during KCS including Friday) $130
 Pre-K (non KCS time)


After School

    $60 per day



 Summer Camp (Schoolers)


*Extra charges apply for schoolers on early dismissal and no-school days.

**Families with two or more children enrolled receive a 10% discount for the oldest child in the family.


Late Charges

An overtime charge of $2.00 per minute per child will be added when a child is not picked up by 6:00 p.m.

There is a $25.00 charge for any returned check, regardless of the reason. A second returned check within a one-year period will result in the account being collected on a cash-only basis.

Collection fees for an uncollected account will be charged to the parent. Collection fees include any legal fees that may be incurred during the collection process.

Past Due Accounts

It is important that parents have a complete understanding of the procedures, which will be used if an account become past due:

  1. Remember that fees are due on Wednesday of the current week. Also, a $25.00 late fee is assessed on payments received after 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.
  2. If your account is not paid by Friday, the Director will contact you. Payment must be made by Monday for the past due amount and the current week’s charges.
  3. If your account is not cleared by the second week, you will be notified to remove your child from the center until the account is cleared.